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Shiba Core (ShibCore) is a community-driven token that generates immense wealth for the community. The first generation of the ultimate meme coin has arrived on the CoreDao Network. ShibCore's vision is to build an all-in-one crypto solution including an NFT marketplace, ShibCore Swap, ShibCore Wallet, ShibCore Card Pay, ShibCore Staking and many more. WOOF WOOF!!!

The Ultimate Multi-Utility Meme Coin has arrived on CoreDao Network

What is $ShibCore?

$ShibCore was created as the utility token of the Shiba Core Ecosystem. $Shibcore holders can perform some operations within the protocol, such as staking (ensuring liquidity and receiving rewards in return) and fee reduction on certain events. $Shibcore also acts as a governance token where holders can vote on improvement decisions. To put it simply, $ShibCore is a multi-utility meme coin.

$ShibCore Ecosystem.

ShibCore Swap

Our community's official decentralized exchange (DEX), ShibCore Swap, performs the role of a bank entity in our ecosystem. The community can use it to immediately buy or sell any tokens. Additionally, it serves as the framework for many of Shiba Core's ongoing development initiatives to be merged with the marketplace and gamefication zone, improving the speed, convenience, and usability of the platform.

ShibCore NFTs Marketplace

Our largest project in the works is ShibCore NFT marketplace. We will allow users to mint, buy or sell their own NFTs.

ShibCore Wallet, ShibCore Card Pay, ShibCore Staking, etc

We have a lot of ambitions to expand and improve the Shiba Core ecosystem. We develop it exclusively for the benefit of the entire ShibCore Family.

Token Details

  • Name: Shiba Core
  • Symbol: $ShibCore
  • Decimal: 18
  • Max Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000
Contract Address - 0x9ceca08df93f6e0a64d1240696839db7301e6eea

$ShibCore Token Sale.

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Listing Price 1 $Core = 1,000,000,000 $ShibCore

  • 1 $Core = 1,100,000,000 $ShibCore
  • 10 $Core = 11,000,000,000 $ShibCore
  • 100 $Core = 110,000,000,000 $ShibCore
  • 1,000 $Core = 1,000,000,000,000 $ShibCore
  • *) $ShibCore sale will end on 7 February 2023

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